Wessex Women earn first win of the season

Wessex ladies welcomed Team South Wales for their first home game. The match started off strong for Wessex, who took the lead early on. With a strong front court attack and a solid defence, Wessex were in control. Some tactical shots and a good run of serves from TSW allowed them to close the gap slightly, however Wessex kept the pressure on and took the first set 25-19.   

The second set started much the same with Wessex taking the lead from the start. Care dominated through the middle and Morrisson put pressure on TSW defence through 2. Wessex kept pushing from the service line and with a solid service receive Wessex looked unstoppable. However TSW stepped up their game and caught Wessex off guard with a couple of tips to the middle of the court. Wessex picked up their intensity again and with a big block from Smith and a cross court attack from Jeffery Wessex closed the second set 25-19. 

The third set was extremely close. Both teams were trading points the whole way. At 19-19 the set was up for grabs. Wessex pushed from the front court, but TSW stayed strong in their defence, TSW were not going to give up easily. Both teams fought hard for the set, however Wessex showed their strength and took the third and final set 32-30. 

The 3-0 win earns Wessex Women their first win of the season.

Next matches are on Saturday 22nd October from 1pm at LeAF:

Wessex Men 2 vs Exeter Storm

Wessex Women 1 vs Surrey Pulsepoint Orcas

Wessex Men 1 vs Malory Eagles