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Club Registration 2023-24

Terms and Conditions

By accepting the terms and conditions, you agree to the following:

1. I have checked that I / my child has paid all fees due from the previous season(s)

2. I / we confirm that the above information is correct and will update Wessex Volleyball should any information change

3. I / we acknowledge that there is a cost to playing volleyball and I / we agree to pay the fees when due

4. I / we agree to abide by Wessex Volleyball Club’s rules and codes of conduct

5. I/we consent to receiving email content from Wessex Volleyball Club

6. I/we consent to registering with Spond to confirm attendace to all club sessions and events. If you have not already registered with SPOND you can do so via this link

7. I / my child accept that I / my child play volleyball / take part in any Club activities at my / my child’s own risk. I / we will take full responsibility for any injury that occurs to me / my child and will not hold the Club responsible.

8. I / we agree to support and play by Wessex Volleyball Club’s values

Photo Consent

By giving permission, you agree to allow for photos to be taken of the member named to be used in promotional material for Wessex Volleyball Club. All photos will be in accordance with the club's guidelines.


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