Volleyball is an energetic non-contact sport for both sexes and all ages. It is a team game, played six a-side on a full court or two a-side on the beach. Mini volleyball is played on a badminton court with 2, 3 or 4 a-side and lighter balls.


For those of you who find the game a mystery this quick guide may help! Two teams play on each half of a court separated by a net. The basic idea is to ground the ball in your opponents court or force them to make a mistake.


Once the ball is served into the opponents court (1 attempt only) each team has up to three shots (a block is not counted in these three touches) to return the ball back over the net. No player is allowed two consecutive touches (again a block doesn’t count as a touch)


There are five basic shots to master – serve, underarm pass or dig, volley, smash and block. The team must rotate one position when it gains serve so that every player gets to play in all positions. The exception is the use of a specialist backcourt player called a libero. 2 time outs of 30 sec and 6 substitutions are allowed per set.


National league matches are the best of 5 sets – all rally point up to 25 apart from the deciding set which is up to 15. Winning team must be 2 points clear. Local league is best of three sets. A lot of mini volleyball matches are timed.


There is of course rather more to it than that but that takes up a complete rule book!

The Game