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You Can Volley 2!

Wessex Volleyball Club is committed to helping develop Volleyball in the BPC and Dorset region.  As one of the countries top clubs, at both Senior and Junior level the club has a wealth of experience and knowledge which it would like to share.

Our ‘You Can Volley 2’ project aims to equip teachers with the knowledge and understanding to facilitate the delivery of fun, enjoyable, developmental, and engaging Volleyball sessions in a school environment.


The Workshop will follow Volleyball England’s Volley2’s programme, which includes a guide to teaching and coaching, a Festival pack, which includes guidance on how to organise a competition, and the Primary Volleyball Award for teachers.

Volley2’s is a 2 v 2 version of the game, specifically developed to help children learn the sport. Smaller courts, lighter weight balls and adapted game formats will be used to help children develop their skills, understanding and love of the game, whilst keeping the game fun, challenging, and exciting.

Volley2’s is based around 4 different game formats (Red, Amber, Green and Gold) with each level having a range of Warm-up and Development Activities to support it.  The emphasis at all levels is on a Game-Based approach, with games before drills and high activity levels in challenging game-like activities.

The Volley2’s approach is player-centred that puts the needs, motivations and abilities of participants first and uses the STEP approach to modify activities for inclusion, challenge and skill development.

Information will also be provided on equipment – including the importance of the correct ball weight, the differing net systems and adaptions that are available, as well as how to best utilise the space you have available.

Full details will also be provided on how to organise a Festival/Competition, with tips and ideas to consider, before, during and after the event.

Bournemouth University Support

We are delighted to have the support of BU’s BSc (Hons) Sport Coaching course, on this project. BU students, who are studying for a degree in Sports Coaching will join the workshop and receive the same training as other participants.  In addition, they will attend a further workshop covering any teaching/coaching or volleyball specific areas where they feel they need additional support.

Schools, who wish, will be able to request a student assistant to attend and help with the delivery of there school volleyball sessions.  This will be organised directly between the school and the University.

Please note – Student assistants would be able to assist with the delivery of sessions but would not be qualified to take solo charge.

Workshop Tutor

The Workshop will be led by Dave Gunter, who is a Volleyball England Tutor and Wessex VC Coach, other Wessex Volleyball Coaches will also assist with the session.


We will organise a Festival of volleyball, with priority entries to those schools involved in the ‘You Can Volley2’ project. 

Game formats will be adapted to the student’s abilities and ages, and the emphasis will be on giving everyone involved a fun, enjoyable and positive experience of a competitive environment and one where the focus will be on the process rather than the outcome (on the learning and values development of the young person rather than the result).


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Did you Know?


  • Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the world and has grown to be one of the main disciplines of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

  • It has more National Governing Bodies than any other sport in the World (yes including Football!)

  • The fastest serve was clocked at 132 kilometres an hour – 81.84 miles an hour!

  • There are 3 main forms of the game – Indoor (6 V 6), Beach (usually 2 v 2 ) and Sitting (6 v 6) – however snow volleyball has recently become popular and is played 3 a side!

  • "Football is religion, volleyball is our number one sport." – believe it or not this is phrase commonly used in Brazil! 

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