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Credit YouTube: NinhLy

Volleyball is an action packed, fast paced, non-contact team sport that all ages, sexes and abilities can play and watch. The balls move fast, points are scored quickly so every second of the game counts and every player is involved. Your team of 6 rotate around the court using a combination to serves, digs, set, spikes and blocks to try and score 25 points before the opposition do. Mini Volleyball is played on a smaller badminton sized court with 2, 3 or 4 a side and lighter balls.

What we offer?

All our squads have the opportunity to train at least twice weekly from September to April and compete in a variety of local, regional and national competitions with the club.



  • U18 Men and Women Squads

  • U16 Men and Women Squads

  • U15 Men and Women Squads

  • Mini Volleyball

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