Sitting Volleyball

Unfortunately, there currently is not a sitting volleyball team in Wessex Volleyball Club. We are always looking to change this and create a sitting volleyball squad and provide coaching and training if there is demand.


Please get in touch if you are interested in building a sitting volleyball squad!

Future Plan

After the success of Sitting Volleyball at the Paralympic Games and the demand seen before and since; Wessex Volleyball and its partners are currently exploring options and planning ways to include and expand into this Volleyball discipline.


We are working in partnership with Bournemouth Council to deliver Sitting Volleyball within the schools and to begin a new sitting volleyball program.  It can also be delivered on the Boscombe Urban Reef beach front as part of a new fitness initiative.


Through our partners, Bournemouth University, they are delivering a Sitting Volleyball Leaders Course to ensure that we have people qualified enough to get involved in Sitting Volleyball in the area. They are also looking to get current students playing Sitting Volleyball and promoting the sports within the University and the local area.


Wessex Volleyball is also exploring additional options to which sports halls would be able to cater for Sitting Volleyball training and matches in the area. We are looking for people who would be interested in joining the clubs sitting volleyball team to discuss whether it is a feasible option for a club team to compete against others.


We are looking to promote sitting volleyball with a demonstration game before one of our National League matches.